Staging Your Home

My Top 5 Do's

It Starts At The Curb...A large percentage of buyers will drive by your home first...and then decide if they want to see it. So curb appeal is your first impression. Plant fresh flowers, mow and edge the lawn weekly, put out a new welcome mat, paint the front door and make any small repairs that you have been putting off.

Clean, clean, clean...If you want your home in it's BEST selling condintion, this simple tip is essential. Dust, vacuum, clean the windows, have your carpets cleaned and mop the floors and make the beds. Make sure there are no odd odors floating around from fito or any other pets you may have. The way you live and the way you sell are 2 different things, so while the home is on the market every day is a cleaning day.

Declutter...You are selling space! Personal items like photos and decor can distract buyers from noticing the best features of your home. Get rid of all extra items on counters, floors and rooms. pack away figurines; throw out junk mail, newspapers and magazines; file papers; and put those extra items out of sight.

Neutralize...Potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in your home. Make it easy for them by removing/replacing any loud paint colors, offensive wall coverings or in-your-face accessories. Buyers only know what they see, not what the home can help them by making your home neutral.

Remove all big clunky furniture...Oversize couches, chairs or coffee tables have to go. If you cannot replace them with smaller pieces, get rid of or pack away as much as you can less is more.

Top 5 Don'ts

Don't take it personally...As soon as you decide to make the commitment to sell your home, you need to think of it as a product, one that you want to sell fast and for top dollar. Don't take buyers' remarks personally. Instead, think of it as free advice on how to make your product live up to its highest potential. Emotionally detach yourself.

Don't do major TASTE SPECIFIC renovations...Finishes and fixtures that you see as beautiful may not suit every buyer's tastes. It is best to limit the amount of time and investment you make on renovations to the essentials replace old flooring, tackle small repairs, paint, change outdated fixtures. Save your renovation energy and dollars for your new home. Think neutral.

Don't think the house will sell itself...The real estate market is a game. You need to make your home the most appealing product on the block. Declutter, clean, do small repairs, repaint and, in general, make it feel fresh and welcoming. If thefurniture in a room is too large and there's too much of it, consider rearranging or even removing some of them.

Don't run out and purchase all new furniture...Chances are the furniture you have can be re-designed for selling. Get it cleaned, add new pillows or just neutralizing it with a simple throw can go a long way. If you have too much of it, consider moving to another area or storing it in garage or storage unit. Remeber you are selling space.

Don't be afraid to ask for help...Call in a professional. I offer FREE HOME STAGING for all my home sellers. Staging to sell your home for top dollar is my goal!


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